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Build a Competitive Advantage

Alwood is a solutions driven company focused on positively impacting your bottom line. Cost Savings on your existing parts is just the beginning. 


Alwood is a solutions driven company focused on positively impacting your bottom line.

Cost savings on your existing aluminum extrusion is just the beginning.

Alwood’s greatest impact comes from 

  • Enhancing your existing aluminum extrusions to either cut costs on the aluminum extrusion itself or speed up the production line.

  • Developing new products or parts to give your company a new edge on your competitors.

  • Reducing your number of SKU’s by either designing a new multi-use part or developing packaging solutions that incorporate several parts together.

  • Continually managing the quality of all of your aluminum profiles and components and evaluating your supply chain for better options.


Alwood applies our practical knowledge in all aspects of the lifespan of a product. Every product we look at we realize that our changes need to exceed expectations from all departments of your business. The Financial, Marketing, Sales, Production and Installation teams all have their wishlists, so our job is to tick all of their boxes.

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We globally source and supply aluminum extrusion and metal and plastic components.


We design and develop  single profiles and components, through to more complex complete products ready for market. 

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We work with our customers to optimize the "Materials to Factory" segment of the supply chain.

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We establish andmaintain stringent quality assurance requirements to ensure a consistent and reliable supply.

How We Help Our Customers

Why Work With Us

Our team has personal experience and expertise at every level of the window treatment and building supply industries, from material sourcing, through manufacture and distribution, to retail and installation. It is this 360-degree view that enables us to offer a solution that takes into account each stage of a product's lifespan and gives the very best long term value.  

Anodized & Wood Grain Aluminum Extrusion 

We are experts and a major supplier of wood grain aluminum extrusion and anodized aluminum extrusion. We work with the best offshore mills for anodized extruded aluminum and Decoral, the industry leader in decorative powder coating. Our long standing relationships, and large supply volume with these companies enable us to achieve the lowest cost for our customers.

Why Work With Us



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Head Office


1755 North Collins Blvd, Suite 207

Richardson, TX 75080

USA: + 1 469 619 9634

Australia: + 61 7 5641 2347


For all job applications please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

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