Plastic Injection Molding

We offer an end-to-end approach to your injection mold requirements. Whether it be an improvement on an existing design or a new concept, we offer a meticulous service from design, through prototyping, and supply.

Injection molding is a process that gives our customers unique possibilities for volume, efficiencies, quality, and affordability of their part manufacture. Our partners hold state of the art injection mold machines and presses. We can supply our customers small runs for quick lead times, or schedule larger production runs for maximum cost advantages.

Our careful management and expertise ensure that the initial design processes are not rushed and poorly planned, avoiding common problems like substandard part quality, manufacturing delays, and cost overruns.

injection mold.png

Die Casting

Our customers benefit from Alwood's proven die cast experience and our multitude of die cast plant partners around the world. These combined,  enable us to supply the highest quality parts with the greatest cost advantages. 

We carefully manage the process from end-to-end ensuring the parts meet all design and functionality requirements. Alwood's expertise in die casting means that we can offer our customers value at every stage of the process. We are proud to be renowned for precision engineered metal component supply.


Investment Casting

Our team provides our customers expert and innovative solutions for part manufacture through investment casting, with proven capabilities in complex design specifications.

While careful machining can achieve closer tolerances than available in an investment casting, a critical design view will often permit minor expansion of tolerances, undercuts, blind holes, etc. to allow the higher production yields and lower piece costs possible with investment castings.

A combination of investment casting and post machining is far more efficient than machining required on a conventional cast or fabricated piece.

investment cast.png


Our factories capabilities include Swiss-style automatic machining with 15,000 RPM spindles that achieves tolerances as tight as ± 0.0005″, versatile multi-tool 4-axis CNC milling and turning centers, CNC lathes with live tooling capable of working to diameters as small as 0.010”, and 4-Axis CNC wire EDM machines working to diameters as small as 0.0005″. Combined with our cutting, grinding, lapping and polishing capabilities, our machining centers enable us to offer vertically integrated solutions that shorten production times for difficult to machine components.

machined part.png