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Alwood is a solutions driven company focused on positively impacting your bottom line.

Cost savings on your existing parts is just the beginning.

Alwood’s greatest impact comes from 

  • Aiding in the enhancement of your existing SKU’s to either cut costs on the part itself or speed up the production line.

  • Developing new products or parts to give your company a new edge on your competitors.

  • Reducing your number of SKU’s by either designing a new multi-use part or developing packaging solutions that incorporate several parts together.

  • Continually managing the quality of all of your components and evaluating your supply chain for better options.


Alwood applies our practical knowledge in all aspects of the lifespan of a product. Every product we look at we realize that our changes need to exceed expectations from all departments of your business - the Financial, Marketing, Sales, Production and Installation Teams all have their wishlists, so our job is to tick all of their boxes.

Global Product Supply

Global Product Supply

We help manufacturers build a competitive advantage through our global sourcing and supply of superior aluminum extrusion, and various metal and plastic components. Our goal is not to simply act as a global supply source for requested profiles, but to work with our customers to create immediate and long term value by advising on part design and supply chain, to give the greatest efficiency and reliable lead times.

We have established relationships with mills and factories in Asia and The Americas and are continuously buying in every region. We are adept in navigating the continuous changes to import duties and restrictions in each market, which can hinder a manufacturer's ability to source internationally. 

Our ability to employ flexible sourcing from our global suppliers, and the ability to combine supply from different sources, ensures that imported product is not only a viable solution but one that gives our customers a cost or supply chain advantage.

Product Development

Product Development

We have a long and successful track record for product design and development in the window treatment and building materials industries, with many of these products achieving long term commercial success, as well as design and innovation awards.

Our product development includes the design and development of single profiles and components, like fascias and brackets, through to more complex complete products that are ready for market such as Weatherwell Elite aluminum shutters.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

We work with our customers to optimize the Materials-to-Factory segment of the supply chain. Our strategies and practices maximize speed and efficiency, without sacrificing quality control and reliability. 

With our wide network of global supply sources, we have the flexibility to change or combine sources to steer through changes to import duties and foreign market restrictions, making certain our customers achieve a significant cost advantage and/or reliable product supply. 

Proudly, we have learned that it is our hassle free, seamless management of our Factory-to-Door service that is an important reason our customers choose to work with Alwood.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is critical to our customer's success, and an effective supply chain must meet requirements that go beyond costs.


We work with our customers to define the product and supply chain’s quality prerequisites, and then establishes a set of processes and audits for developing and manufacturing reliable extrusion and components.


We focus on supplier management, the consistency of quality of the product through its life cycle, production and equipment quality and effectiveness, and pre-shipment inspections.

Alwood's QA Steps

  1. Identify company goals

  2. Identify critical success factors

  3. Identify customers  (including internal customers)

  4. Process customer feedback

  5. Action continuous improvements

Quality Assurance
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