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We supply custom aluminum extrusions in a variety of alloys from a global network of mills with expertise in shapes for the window treatment and building and architectural materials industries. 


We work closely with our customers from die trials to supply chain management and supply extrusion in a variety of finishes including anodized, powder coats, brushed, and mill finished. We may also offer extrusion fabrication services where required.


However, what makes us unique from other aluminum extrusion suppliers is our design audit and advice for each profile, recommending and/or designing any changes to create product efficiencies and cost savings. It is this complementary support service that has fostered strong and trusted relationships with our customers.

Custom Profiles

Custom Profiles

Our wood grains are created with impeccable detail creating amazingly realistic wood grains and custom images on aluminum. Finished with Decoral® powder coating, the global leader in decorative powder coating, these wood grain extrusions are far superior to others. 


The Decoral System operates under precise standards, with certification from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and acknowledged by the European Laboratory and Research Organization. 

Wood Grain

Powered By Decoral®

Wood Grain
This aluminum was exposed to natural elements in Florida,
every day for one year
Decoral® Wood Grain

The Decoral System bonds wood-grain and the base through sublimation, resulting in a highly durable finish which fades evenly over time with a wood-grain finish that will never be lost.

All Other Wood Grains

Other systems use a coating system at 160' Celsius where wood-grain sits on the surface of the base layer. The top coat fades rapidly and the wood-grain effect is lost over time.

Powder Coating

We recognize that powder coating is the finishing touch, and therefore demands the highest of standards. Our team will carefully manage the process from pre-production through to delivery identifying and eliminating any problems before they occur.

We can supply a variety of colors and textures to meet the requirements of your finished part. Superior powder coating requires a study of the type and grade of the aluminum, as well as your specific design choices and surface functionality requirements.

Alwood utilizes manufacturing partners with both vertical powder coat lines for large volume runs as well as horizontal machines for short runs.

Powder Coating

Anodized aluminum offers a durable finish with superior color stability, and a lower initial finishing cost, and lower maintenance cost.

Our partners hold state of the art bright dripping lines for first-class anodizing procedures. We supply standard anodized aluminum finishes such as bright, satin clear, gold, bronze, and black, as well as a range of specialized finishes and electrolytic colors


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