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Global Reach

Local Accountability

We have partnered with 16 plants across 5 countries, with each facility dedicated to delivering uncompromising levels of quality, precision and performance. Access to this vast network of global sourcing gives our customers the competitive advantage they are looking for.

With knowledge traded from each of our partners and a team of employees with a global perspective and unique expertise, we continually learn how to best deliver the product to you faster, and at a significant cost advantage.

Our supply may be global, but we bring to our customers the ease of doing business locally, with a single point of contact who understands your language, culture, and business practices, and competently coordinates the network of supply.

No project is too large or too geographically dispersed. With Alwood, you can seamlessly launch programs anywhere in the world with minimal risk and lower costs.

See how our global footprint and local presence could advantage your business.

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