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How A Simple Bracket Helped TimberBlindsMetroShade Solve A Common Problem And Gain A Major Competitive Advantage

The Problem

Irregular Light Gaps Were Difficult to Avoid 

An enormous problem when installing roller shades, particularly in large commercial openings, is the glaring light gaps between the top of the window and the fascia. Roller shades must be completely level to work effectively. However, window openings are rarely square, which causes uneven spaces between the two and an unbalanced appearance magnified by the light.

The Solution

A Clever New Aluminum Bracket

Alwood’s R+D team worked with TimberBlindsMetroShade to assess the problem and develop a new roller shade bracket design, that would be simple to use and cost-effective. The simple multi-height adjustable bracket system allows the installer to have the fascia flush with the top of the window opening, and raise the height of one side of the interior roller until the roller is level.

Alwood roller shade bracket.jpg

The Result

An Exclusive Advantage

TimberBlindMetroShade has a roller shade that can be installed with no glaring light gaps between the fascia and the top of the window opening. They are the only manufacturer with a solution to this problem, which has given their roller shade a significant competitive advantage in the Window Coverings Dealer Market, and their commercial sales. Also, there are cost savings on these parts due to Alwood’s offshore supply.

This Alwood roller shade bracket is adjustable to four different steps. (Patent Pending 2019)

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